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Anonymous said: What gets you aroused?


a big fat steak and a big fat wad of cash



Rub the booty
Kiss the booty
Smack the booty
Bite the booty
Squeeze the booty
Take the booty to dinner
Go to a photo booth with the booty
Meet the booty’s parents
Move in with the booty
Propose to the booty
Have a romantic honeymoon in Rome with the Booty
Have a child with the booty
Buy a house with the booty and your booty family
Grow old with the booty
Live a happy life with the booty

Guard the booty
Protect the booty
With your LIFE!

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wow, the case of ‘dead guy on hawkeye’s doorstep’ sure is a hard one, huh?

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Oh God, I mentioned Shakespeare. I’m such a pretentious tit.

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the x files + tumblr posts

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